2020 Scholarship Recipients

Last Updated: 4/9/2020 1:47 PM

Shianne Smith

of Bullitt Central High School

Halle York

of Russellville High School

Tory Prater

of Morgan County High School

Shianne Smith Halle York Tory Prater

Shianne is from Bullitt Central High School.  She loves to cook, workout, read, journal, play piano, clarinet or the ukulele.  She loves helping people and volunteering as much as she can, whenever she can. She is very involved in her school and her community.  She feels most of her achievements come from her love of music. She has been very involved in the band. She was named Outstanding Sophomore and Outstanding Junior, and to the all-district band first chair.  She has performed many solos and ensembles where she received a distinguished rating. She feels music is very therapeutic for her and allows her to escape. She also believes journaling helps her to write out what she feels to cope with being a teenager. Growing up she faced many challenges. She moved to seven different schools before 6th grade, and was surrounded by the negative influences of domestic violence and substance abuse. Despite the difficulties, she has persevered, creating her own path to a great future. Through her battle with depression and anxiety she found her passion for music and helping others. She wants to thank her two music teachers who walked with her every step of the way, and who inspired her to become a teacher. Shianne can’t wait to be a role model for others, and to be a helping hand for kids who need it. She wants to attend Morehead State University to major in music education so she can teach people to love music. 

She is a senior at Russellville High School.  She is a cheerleader and has been on the varsity team since her 8th-grade year.  She is very proud of this achievement.  She also played softball until her junior year.  She enjoys going to church on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings.  She is an active member of the First Baptist Church Youth Group.  She works at Russellville Preschool Academy and the Logan Christian Academy.  During her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family. Family is one of the most important parts of her life.  She also enjoys going to the gym to practice new skills for cheerleading.  She hopes to further her cheer career in college by trying out for the WKU All Girl. Cheer team. She participates in many school organizations including BETA, FCCLA, FCA and NHS.  These organizations have helped shape her into a very independent young woman.  Some of her achievements she is most proud of would be becoming a Christian, getting the opportunity to be the cheer captain and being on the all A honor roll every year of high school besides one.  She has overcame many adversities, her hardest being her mother’s battle with breast cancer. She feels all of these things make her a great leader and she will help her become a great teacher. She wants to become a teacher so that she can help shape the future of education. She hopes to have a personal impact on each & every child she gets the opportunity to work with. She plans to Western Kentucky University. 

Community service is a big part of her life.  She enjoys helping her community by working at the local food pantry, picking up trash on the side of the road and being involved in many other community events.  Her favorite time of the year is when her hometown Sorghum Festival occurs. During this festival she helps 4-H make kettle corn, snow cones and cotton candy.  She currently serves as president of the Morgan County 4-H club and has been involved in 4-H since she was in the fourth grade.  4-H has made such a positive impact on her life.  Through 4-H she has been allowed to teach classes, judge competitions and help with summer camp for the last 5 years.  This is where she realized how much she enjoyed working with kids. She is an active member of the Students Against Destruction Decisions, Jobs for America’s graduates and Future Farmers of America.  One of her favorite hobbies is playing the piano.  She has always loved music.  She started taking piano lessons at the age of 8 and has loved playing ever since.  Like many kids today, family drug addiction impacted her life at a very young age.  She has been loved and cared for by her Aunt.  By having her Aunt’s loving support it shaped her into a person today who doesn’t let negative things drag her down or hold her back.  Her number one goal in life is going to college. She plans to attend Morehead State University and wants to major in teaching.  She would love to teach agriculture.  She is a fun outgoing person with a big heart, who would do anything for anyone.