Sarah has been with the Murray Public Schools for 23 years – 17 of those as the district finance officer.

Here are a few quotes from both the nominator and a few of her peers:

“Students are at the very heart of every decision she makes for the district.”

“We are fortunate to have someone with the compassion, expertise, and loyalty she devotes to our district and community.”

“She is diligent with her duties and has always had the best interest of the Murray Independent School District as her priority.”

“Her fair, honest, stable and knowledgeable approach to safely spending school district funds is outstanding.”

Congratulations Sarah!


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Congratulations to past recipients…


Dennis has been the Chief Financial Officer of Russell Independent Schools for about 15 years.  During that time he has earned a reputation for unselfish service to his co-workers and the stakeholders in his district.  He also serves on regional educational committees to promote efficiencies in conducting school business.  He regularly works with a group of Finance Officers in his area to answer questions and resolve issues common to the group.

Dennis “wears several hats” in his district including School Safety Director, Facilities Director, and Food Service Director. Despite his many responsibilities, he is never too busy to help a colleague or offer a creative solution to a problem.

His former Superintendent said he “leads and inspires others.  He treats everyone with the same level of respect.”



During the years Matt has worked for Daviess County Public Schools he has been a financial innovator and a leader his co-workers and peers depend on for advice.

He is known and respected throughout the state for his knowledge of school finance issues.  As a result, he was asked to present the School Finance module to new Superintendents as part of their required state training.

In support of his nomination, Matt’s Board Chairperson said “(He) exemplifies the highest ideals of school finance. It can truly be said that Matt does the right things, the right way, for the right reasons.”


Chuck’s nominator, a finance officer from a neighboring district, wrote that Chuck is a valued leader who is willing to help other school business officials locally and across the state.  Chuck helped create the University of Kentucky’s School Financial Management Institute to train those who work in school finance.

In support of his nomination, his peers wrote “His integrity is above reproach and his servant attitude in helping his peers to become the best in their field is exceptional.”  “He is a model for living a life of service to others.”


In the award application, a long-time associate wrote, “Jeff’s leadership, knowledge, and command of school business issues is remarkable.  He is not only an outstanding professional; he is also an outstanding and well-respected individual in his community.”

A peer wrote:  “He has used his common sense and good-humored approach to become one of the top business officials in this state, and truly deserves the title of KASBO’s Outstanding School Business Official.”


In the award application, a long-time associate wrote, “Everyone around Patsy sees her commitment to excellence and trusts her to settle for nothing less.  Her track record and leadership abilities make her an icon not only in Danville, but throughout the region.”

Her nominator wrote:  “I have been impressed not only with her financial savvy, but with her obvious dedication to working as a partner with our schools, doing always what is absolutely right and best for our students. She is a leader of leaders, a teacher of leaders, and a mentor for many beyond compare.  I simply cannot imagine any School Business Official more deserving of this very special recognition.”


In the award application, a long-time associate wrote, “His commitment to best practices in financial management is the core reason that Kenton County is a strong, financially solvent district.  He unequivocally exemplifies the qualities of an exceptional school business leader, working tirelessly to create and sustain a school system of excellence for our children and families.”

His nominator wrote, “Kelley Gamble is a professional whose leadership and innovation in the field of school business management have earned him the respect of all throughout Kentucky.  He is known as a man of great integrity and high standards.”