The Kentucky Association of School Business Officials (KASBO) is a professional association providing support and professional development opportunities for individuals whose primary responsibility is the business management of a school district.

The Association of School Business Officials will:

  • Promulgate the highest standards of ethics among its members and strongly promote the maintenance and use of such standards in all school business activities;
  • Promote effectiveness and efficiency in school business methods and practices;
  • Provide for a program of professional development and improvement for the individuals responsible for providing management and services in school district business and other support service operations;
  • Conduct, sponsor or join with others in researching and reporting on important activities and practices relating to school district business and other support services;
  • Disseminate knowledge of good business practices and current related activities to members and public at large;
  • Cooperate with the Kentucky Department of Education, the Kentucky School Boards Association, the Kentucky Association of School Administrators and other professional organizations in the development and promotion of good business and management practices in the School Districts of Kentucky;
  • Cooperate with and promote member participation in the Association of School Business Officials International